I’m UX/UI Designer
Nikita Smirnov
Specialize in complex interfaces and services.
I really enjoy various CRM systems and large projects that require immersive work, I love minimalism in design.
Create thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing interfaces
using Figma software
About me
UI Design
Adobe XD
UX Design
Team leading
Design QA
UX lean
Design thinking
UX Audits
User Testing
Design Systems
I am 22 years old. I have a responsible attitude to my work and perform tasks on time, reasoning my decisions. I like order in my layouts and a systematic approach.
2 months
Startup in Finland “Lagom food”
Position: Head of Design
Responsibilities: https://lagomfood.fi
Project work. Developed rations delivery website, Branding, Corporate Identity. Supervised junior designer's work, set objectives, designed user experience, managed project, oversaw development and implementation timelines.
My working story
5+ years
1 year 4 months
Scientific Research Institute “Voskhod”
Position: Middle UX/UI Designer
Project: Central electronic documents repository
Responsibilities: Development of interactive layouts based on the developed (user flow / user story) prototypes, working on the terms of reference, implementation of developed components in the design system, support of the design system, rendering layouts according to the statements, drawing icons, interaction with the developers, working in the team.
Worked on the project: CRED - Central Repository of Electronic Documents.
2 year 5 months
Computer Academy “top”
Position: Lead Teacher
Small Computer Academy;
Computer Graphics and Design;
Web projects (crash course)
Duties and Experience:
Conducting lectures and internships for academy students, conducting master classes, maintaining documentation and evaluation of students' work, examining internal exams, and advising teachers.
2 months
Startup “LANGUTI”
Position: Lead UX/UI Designer
Responsibilities: Developed the information architecture of the project as well as the user path, helped the customer with the development of the terms of reference, supervised the UI Designer, Wireframing, developed system design components and an interactive prototype.
Position: Co-Founder, Head of Design
1 year 6 months
Responsibilities: Leading design processes, developing concepts and drafting technical specifications, developing design projects and submitting them for development.
Responsibilities: Drawn and designed layouts of future software for small and medium-sized businesses for HR and document management of the company. Communicated with developers, helped draft specifications and service descriptions, designed user experience and drew interactive prototypes for developers.
3 months
Startup “HR SOFT”
Senior User Interface Designer
1 year
Contractor (UX/UI) in Designim
Position: UX/UI Designer
Responsibilities: User interfaces, product development, creation of design system, UI-kits, preparation of transfer of design layout to development

My learning story
Design studio UPROCK -2022
UX/UI Designer / Mobile app design
VGEK -2020
Vyatka College of Humanities and Economics, Design
Graphic Designer.
VyatSU -2019
Institute of Chemistry and Ecology,
Chemical Technology.

Engineer-technologist in the field of polymer synthesis.
Additional education:
ELMA - IT универ
Course “PROAnalitics. ECM”
Course “PROAnalitics. IT Project Management”